Your Local Mental Health Service Provider - Here to Guide You

Here at Kayda Care we want you to know that we see you! We want to help you to be the best you can be, but don't think for a second that we don't want to see you when you're feeling like you are the worst you can be, because we want to help you through everything! The good, the bad and the great we at Kayda Care want to be there right by your side through it all. Your mental health is our first priority, helping you to feel like you belong is our main priority. Because here at Kayda Care we dream with you.

 Kayda Care is a solely mental health provider, we specialize and only deal in mental health meaning you are getting the right support for you. Because you are what matters most! As a mental health support company we strive to help in all of your day to day needs and much much more! Working hand in hand with your support coordinators we aim to help you achieve the most out of your NDIS plans


Kayda Care, the place that I'm free to be me!



Here at Kayda Care we help with the daily bump and grind that sometimes is a bit scary! We offer meal prep, community access, help with domestic chores and so much more! Feel free to contact us if you feel that you would love a place that gives you the chance to be free to be you!

Hands Up


At Kayda care, we care about your mental health! We want to help you achieve all of your goals and so much more! We see you and we want you to be you!! Here at Kayda Care we are a mental health support working team that are here to support you in your mental health. We endeavor to help you achieve your goals both with NDIS and your own personal goals. We can also help you with your day to day life and accessing the community. Kayda Care saw a need in the disability sector, Mental health was falling to the side and that can’t happen. So allow us to make sure that doesn’t happen to you, allow us to be your friends and help you with all your dreams, burdens and whatever else your heart desires. With hands on Mental health support you will never feel like you are second best, because at Kayda Care we want you to feel like you are number one because to us you are. We can also work with non-NDIS clients and help to achieve an NDIS plan if that is what you would like to do or work to help you achieve your goals in your day to day life.