NDIS Assistance with Daily Living Activities in Melbourne & Brisbane

The NDIS scheme ensures that individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to gain access to support services that can enhance their life experience. Assistance for daily living is also included for NDIS participants who require this type of support. What may seem like simple tasks to most people, individuals with disabilities can find it difficult to carry out daily activities such as cleaning, personal care, etc. Assistance with daily life under our NDIS support at Kayda Care offers our clients independence and quality care in Melbourne and Brisbane. Whether it be assistance with shopping or cooking and meal preparation, our dedicated team of support workers are here to help.

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Our Range of Daily Living Skills Activities Include:

At Kayda Care, provide individual or group support for NDIS assistance with daily life which can help you gain a wholesome experience in daily living activities. Our services include:

  • Assistance with planning various purchases for domestic requirements

  • Helps with daily household chores such as like cooking, cleaning and more

  • Assistance in allocating funds for various financial purposes and apt budget management

  • Helping access client-oriented therapy sessions and providing assessment reports

  • Support in assessments for assessing equipment and modifications that could make the client’s life easier

  • Referrals to specialist care as and when required

Benefits Of Our Daily Living Support

Experts at Kayda Care ensure each client gets the care and support that can help them lead a fulfilling life. Here are some benefits:

  • More independence in daily life

  • Ensures good mental and physical health of the participant via activities of daily living for mental health

  • Helps you achieve a balanced financial state of living

  • Increase in level of confidence

  • Makes the participant more capable of making productive life choices

  • Helps accomplish a sense of belonging in social communities

  • Assistance in NDIS capacity building for improved daily living

  • Access to appropriate government services and funds

Why Choose Kayda Cares Assistance for Daily Living?

Kayda Care is among the top providers in Brisbane and Melbourne who offer assistance with daily personal activities under our NDIS services. Our team can support clients in building their assisted daily living skills which allows greater freedom and independence. We work with you through all stages of capacity building, offering our support with compassion and care. Our professional team of support workers will ensure that you progress towards achieving a healthy state of mind. This approach is what makes Kayda Care stand apart. Call our friendly team on 0477 200 010 or feel free to send us an email at kristyfarndell@kaydacare.com.au for more information today!