Personalised In-Home Care Services in Melbourne & Brisbane

A home is a space where you can be yourself. At Kayda Care, we make sure that NDIS participants receive the required assistance with utmost care. Our in-home support and care services take into account the needs of our clients in Melbourne and Brisbane. Whether it is assistance with domestic tasks such as laundry or cleaning, shopping, meal and nutrition planning, our dedicated support workers will be there to help you out. Our staff consists of certified support workers with relevant qualifications to offer the best services.

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Our 24/7 In-Home Care Services Include:

Experts at Kayda Care have sessions assigned for familiarising the needs of the client to identify one from among our home care packages that meets their needs and comfort. Some of our in-home care services includes:

  • Assistance in establishing a daily routine for you to productively spend your day

  • Plan your appointments around times that are convenient to you

  • Help in keeping your home clean and presentable

  • Offer personal assistance in tying up oneself to help make a habit out of it

  • Assist in preparing meal plans and cooking nutritious food

  • Help in moving around the house to take care of their needs

  • Keeping track of their health and making sure that the necessary clinical needs are tended to

  • Assistance in outdoor activities such as visiting the park, grocery shopping or attending medical appointments

How Our In-Home Support Services Benefit Disabled People

Kayda Care recognises that each individual has varying needs. That is why our experts customise our disability home care services so that our clients feel safe and comfortable at all times. We might suggest beginning with a basic package of our in-home assisted living services and move up the scale with further features being added on to have a wholesome experience for one client while recommending another client to downscale their package features if they no longer require it. Our clients can also benefit from in-home nursing care services.

All of these necessary changes are taken into consideration while attending to our NDIS participants to ensure that they have the best experience.  Here are some benefits that you can experience under our in-home care services.

  • Great assistance for your requirements

  • Help in getting to appointments as well as social gatherings

  • Enhanced sense of belonging in society

  • Ease in everyday tasks such as personal care, laundry etc

  • Manage your financial budget

Why Choose Kayda Care’s Home Care Assistance?

As one of the top NDIS service providers in Melbourne and Brisbane, Kayda Care aims to offer reliable support to all our customers to enhance their quality of life. Our friendly support workers will be there to help manage various tasks. For further details, call our team on 0477 200 010 or email us at today!