Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities in Melbourne & Brisbane

Kayda Care offers wonderful NDIS day programs that include a variety of recreational and community activities to enhance their quality of life. Day program activities for adults with disabilities help participants enjoy events, activities and social interactions that are of their interest. Our qualified team of support workers offer disability day services in Melbourne and Brisbane. All of our disability day programs are chalked out by NDIS experts keeping in mind the requirements and goals of our clients.

What Does Our NDIS Day Program Include?

Our adult day care programs at Kayda Care are designed to help individuals with disabilities enjoy themselves and get the most out of these activities. Our program includes activities such as:

  • Cultivating an interest in reading extensively by providing access to library services

  • Identifying the participants creative side and promoting their interest in art and related streams

  • Engaging them in easy-to-approach life skill sessions

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  • Guiding them in leading a healthy lifestyle by providing access to gymnasium services and helping them in choosing nutritious meals

  • Group field trips with their fellow participants and enjoy outings, movies, visits to exhibitions and more

  • Assist in developing an active interest in nurturing greenery around by providing hands-on experience in gardening activities

  • Equipping them with necessary computer skills for their personal and professional needs

  • Encourage social visits with friends, family and peers as part of a weekly or monthly routine which helps in developing a sense of belonging

  • Enjoy lively hobbies such as fishing, swimming etc

At Kayda Care, we focus on offering a wholesome experience crafted for NDIS participants.

Benefits of Our Day Service Program

At Kayda Care, we are passionate about providing day services for adults with disabilities. There are several the benefits that clients can enjoy at our adult day care centre such as:

  • Being able to confidently build their identity among a diversified group

  • Having healthy control over their life choices

  • Helping unearth talents and skills that further adds to the confidence quotient

  • Enhancing independence while carrying out their life development skills and being able to tackle daily activities with greater ease

  • Having a beautiful balance between their mental and physical health which can aid in making better lifestyle choices

Why Choose Kayda Care For Disability Day Programs?

Kayda Care has a team of support workers who focus on the mental and physical needs of individuals with disability. We are there for our clients every step of advancement, keeping in their needs and requirements. Our disability day programs are crafted to fit the individual goals set by each of our clients. NDIS participants can enjoy while building their life and social skills. To know more details, call our team of qualified support workers on 0477 200 010 or email us at today!