Kristy - Owner of Kayda Care

Hello my name is Kristy and I am the owner of Kayda Care.

I am the mother of one little boy who is five years old, I am a step mum to three beautiful girls aged 10,8 and 6.

Mental health has been a big part of my life both when I was younger with family members and as an adult with my friends. I have unfortunately lost two friends due to mental health problems that were left untreated or misdiagnosed.

I myself have struggled to cope sometimes with bouts of depression and anxiety, I have been forever grateful to the friends and family that have helped me through this when it was pushing me down. Fortunately for me I have always had that support network, some are not as fortunate as I with a support network that they can lean on when times are rough and this is the void that Kayda Care wants to help fill. I started this company to help people out there who would like help or even some company.

My interests include art, reading and writing, I also enjoy finding new places and going exploring! I’m not much of an exercise person but will certainly give it a go! As long as your not asking me to bungee jump or climb the Eiffel tower I will be okay (hahaha I am scared of heights! and snakes and frogs)

Tessa - Mental Health Support Worker at Kayda Care

Hey Everyone,

I’m Tessa – I am one of the Mental Health Support Workers and 21C right here at Kayda Care.

I am a Mum of 3 primary school aged girls, a step mum to a kinder aged boy and the partner of Kristy the owner of Kayda Care.

I have worked in the Community Health Sector for the last 14 yrs – I began my journey just after leaving high school and started my career working with Special Needs Children in a Childcare Setting. Just after having my last little girl I decided that I wanted a change in the field and have absolutely loved my journey working in the field with adults since June 2020. Since working in the mental health field I have met some absolutely beautiful people and love every day of my job – both the good and the bad days and just being there to be your shoulder, your friend and an ear to listen.

I love going for walks in nature/bushlands and finding new areas to explore, going to the beach, I love to set goals with you – no matter how big or small and helping you to achieve these – whether it be learning new daily activities – eg. scheduling daily tasks, cleaning tasks, attending appointments, assisting with grocery shopping, assistance with budgeting.

I love a coffee and a good chat whether this be within your home or down at a local store. I also enjoy crafting – thru scrapbooking, cardmaking, junk journaling and will give any craft a good go.

Sabrina - Support Worker at kayda Care at Kayda Care

Hi I’m Sabrina I am a support worker and Human Resources manager at Kayda Care I am a step mum to a 10 year old which keeps me fairly busy. My husband and I have been married a little over 2 years and hope to start having more children in the future.

I have mostly worked in admin positions. My current position away from Kayda Care is booking classifieds for local and regional papers in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia.

I like to play music and read books. My music tastes are very wide I like anything from the 50’s and 60’s right up to early 2000’s rnb.

I like to dance around my lounge room with friends d I am considered to being a very bubbly person who is always smiling.

My hopes are to be a great support worker to all my clients and learn from them as they learn from me

Lisa - Mental Health Support Worker at Kayda Care

Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m one of the mental health support workers at Kayda Care.

I’m 31 and am currently in my last year of a bachelor of psychology at Deakin university.

I live with my fiance and a variety of animals including cats, dogs and fish. I love animals, as long as they aren’t spiders. Spider disposal is not a service I will offer.

I absolutely love music. I have an eclectic taste on music ranging from 80s rock to musicals to big band and everything in between. I am a singer and love to belt out a tune and am currently learning to play the guitar.

I am also an avid reader. I have a large collection of books at home and am always in the middle of several books.

I am a sci fi nerd. I love doctor who, Star Trek and star gate, to name a few. I’m also into sci fi and fantasy books and movies. I am always happy to watch a movie, no horror though, I’m a complete woose and won’t sleep for days.

I love arts and crafts. I’m a terrible artist but my craft skills are pretty good. I also love baking and make extravagant cakes for various occasions which look good and are also delicious.

Be warned, I love to talk. I’m happy to have a casual chat over a cuppa but am also a good listener for more serious conversations. I’m usually pretty cheerful and easy to talk to.

I’m pretty open to trying new things so if there’s anything that people are wanting to try or that they’re interested in. I’m happy to join in!

Amanda - Mental Health Support Worker at Kayda Care

Hello everyone!

I’m Amanda and I’m one of the Mental Health support workers on the team here at Kayda Care.

I’m 35 years young with a 16 year old son and a one year old staffy puppy names Pickles.

I have studied youth work and community services. I have a diverse working background, having previously worked for the department of justice and I’ve even completed a certificate of hairdressing!

I’m very passionate about people and I adore listening to their life stories, especially with a hot cappuccino in hand!

I love all different types of activities such as camping and bush walking, arts and crafts, diy projects, and I’ve also been known to sing along to karaoke.

My favourite thing to do is create delicious food in the kitchen! I’ve travelled overseas and I’ve done a few cooking courses whilst travelling! If you want to learn how to cook and create something special, I’m definitely the person to help you.

I look forward to meeting and working alongside you all to achieve your goals!

Tory - Mental Health Support Worker at Kayda Care

Kia Orana everyone

I’m Tory. I am one of the mental health support workers here at Kayda Care.

I am 30 years young and of Polynesian/Maori decent. I am a proud paw-rent to a beautiful Cane Corso x Pitbull name Nerah-Storm.

I absolutely love music. I have an eclectic taste on music ranging from 80s rock to musicals to big band and everything in between. I am a singer and love to belt out a tune and am currently learning to play the guitar.

I chose to study mental health support, because I myself have had my fair share of losing loved ones to mental health. I believe my journey as a support worker can make a big difference for someone suffering alone.

My interests and hobbies include exploring new places, music, sports and cooking.

I’m not a fan of big spiders, pineapples and all seafood except fish and crab and heavy metal music.

See you soon x

Amy - Support Worker at kayda Care

My name is Amy and I’m 31 years old.

I’m a mum to 5 children and live on a farm with sheep, alpacas, chickens and ponies. I also have an alexandrine parrot named Charlie and a ridgeback dog named Izzy. In my spare time I enjoy going out and finding new parks with my kids. I enjoy going to
the movies, playing mini golf or going for drives.

I don’t like to exercise much but I enjoy going for walks. My favourite place to walk around is the Cranbourne botanical gardens. In my spare time study wildlife conservation and animal health. My kids and I recently saved a baby goat.

I like to think I’m funny, but I think my kids would tell you otherwise. My family and friends are important to me and I enjoy seeing them as much as possible

Ashlee - Support Worker at kayda Care

Hey there!

My name is Ashlee, I’m 19 years old and one of the workers here at Kayda Care. I am currently completing my dual diploma in Sports Development Leadership & Management at the Richmond Institute Of Sports Leadership, to help me become a great netball coach.

I am a proud Indigenous Wambaia woman, and am very passionate about diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and especially in sports as it has such a big impact in my life.

I live with my sister, her partner and my 4 beautiful nephews aged 9,7, 5 and 1, and their cat Ryan and dog Konka. I also have a dog named Pancake and a cat named Bonnie, who live with my mum at the moment.

I have struggled with mental health problems in the past and still struggle with anxiety but through sports and the help of friends and family I have overcome and am able to manage my mental health.

I am a big believer in exercise as a way to cope with and relieve stress. I played basketball for 8 years and have played netball for 5 and am still playing. I’ve been able to play in VNL (Victoria Netball League) for 2 years in the Casey Demons U/19’s team, which is one of the proudest moments in my life.

I enjoy playing netball (obviously) and I love spending time with my nephews and babysitting them. I have many other interests including crocheting, walking, going on late night drives with my best friend, going to the beach, arts & Crafts, and many more!

Whatever questions you have, we’re here to answer them.

Start living your best life today.

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