Youth Mental Health Services In Melbourne & Brisbane

Mental health is just as important as physical health for young individuals so that they can grow into independent, confident adults. Good mental health helps young people develop positive social, emotional, thinking and great communication skills. It also lays the foundation for greater well-being in their later lives.

Statistics also illustrate that about three-quarters of adults are diagnosed with mental health struggles by the age of 24. Diagnosable youth behavioural health issues which arise at this age can produce excessive stress that can snowball through the years. This can result in college failure, volatile employment, bad circle of relatives and social behaviour. Assistance during difficult periods can help individuals cope better with the stress that come throughout their life. Youth mental health services at Kayda Care can help children, adolescents, as well as adults.

We understand that young individuals experience all types of emotions as part of growing up, including:

  • Fear

  • Disappointment

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Happy

  • Excitement

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Mental health programs for youth can help them cope with the fluctuating emotions and concerns that may trouble them. Benefits include:

  • Feeling happy and positive about themself majority of time

  • Having a kind attitude towards themselves during difficult times or when things don’t go according to plan

  • Maintaining a healthy diet and performing physical activities, which can help them study

  • Having meaningful relationships with family and friends

  • Ability to recover from difficult times and/or disappointments

By talking to young people about emotions and encouraging them to confront the issues that trouble them helps in managing turbulent feelings and dealing with unpleasant scenarios. Providing reliable mental health services for teens, experts at Kayda Care understand the gravity of concerns that plague young adults.

Young People Mental Health Services Include

Kayda Care, we organise many programs under our mental health services for young people across Melbourne and Brisbane. Our team collaborates with other government organisations and well-being communities to provide a stable, healthy environment for adolescents. By providing them with individual care and attention, we help them achieve their goals.

Our mental health support for teens includes:

  • Residential Mental Health Treatment

  • Group Therapy

  • Medication

  • Recreational Therapies

  • Medical Supervision

  • Psychiatric Hospitalisation

  • Yoga

  • Exercises

How To Access This Service?

Residential mental health treatment is provided 24 hours a day at our in-patient facility. This level of care is ideal for people who require continuous medical monitoring or who experience serious long-term symptoms with no significant improvement after out-patient mental health interventions. Our dedicated staff is there to provide youth mental health first aid. Group therapy is designed for individuals in a treatment centre. This helps them to develop communication skills and enables them in socialising, allowing them to express their feelings and accept criticism from others. Moreover, young adults can develop healthy self-awareness.

Despite some side-effects, medication can make a positive change in their mental health. And some situations can be completely cured with long term practises. Psychotherapy effectively treats a wide range of mental disorders for both in-patient and out-patient. During therapy, a person or group of individuals discuss the issue with a therapist who can help them organise their emotions and teach them coping skills. You can book a therapy session with our experts over a phone call or via email.

In addition to traditional forms of treatment such as therapy and medication, alternative mental health treatment options could be used. Here are a few alternate treatments:

  • Yoga: is a type of exercise that involves a sequence of movements and breathing exercises that aim to integrate the mind and body. Yoga improves physical strength and flexibility while also providing several mental health advantages.
  • Meditation: It is proven as very useful to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression, along with busting many other mental health issues. However, this is exactly what Kayda Care offers to our teenage participants. Guided meditation and basic breathing exercises are examples of practises.
  • Nutrition: Diet has a variety of effects on mental health. A person’s mental health and well-being can be improved and certain symptoms can be alleviated by closely monitoring one’s nutrition.

Why Choose Kayda Care For Teens’ Mental Wellbeing?

Kayda Care offers mental health support for young adults in Melbourne and Brisbane. A teenage mental health crisis can be dealt with professional assistance. Call our friendly staff on 0477 200 010 or email @ today to know more.